We believe there are many advantages and benefits to working with Pacificpro to meet your Washington State produce needs. As an organization our singular goal is to exceed our customer’s expectation with these core fundamentals:


Pacificpro sources Washington produce from a majority of the packers statewide. This unrivaled access to product was built on the Hartmann family’s reputation of quality in the industry and the relationships they have fostered over the last 50 years. This reputation allows you, through Pacificpro, to procure any item that exists. Often certain varieties, grades, and sizes become tight due to supply and demand factors. Our longstanding, strong relationships with shippers throughout the northwest help ensure your access to product year-around.


Our knowledge of the Washington State apple and pear market is supported by our strong reputation and established industry relationships. This knowledge of inventories, market pricing as well as the quality and grading standards allows us to work as your closest ally to procure the product that meets your exact needs, every time.


Due to the number of preeminent shippers with whom we work, we are able to source the best product being packed across the state at any given time. This guarantee of quality is further enhanced by the Pacificpro inspectors who travel from warehouse to warehouse statewide, reporting back on quality and availability. This allows us to adjust quickly to procure the highest quality product with the best color, shape, firmness and overall quality. In addition, our inspectors examine every carton before they ship to ensure that the product meets your standards. This results in a minimal amount of product quality issues upon delivery.


Pacificpro’s extensive network of shippers, receivers and transportation companies ensures that the right product will deliver at the right time and in the right condition to meet your individual needs. This reliability in-turn ensures that you have the right product to meet your customer’s needs.  This is further supported by the continuous monitoring of your product in transport and a knowledgeable, supportive staff who make you their top priority.


Our extensive relationships with shippers/packers allows us to source the produce that best meets our customer’s needs and allows us to keep them in product year-round. This is supported by an expansive network of transportation companies and other logistic partners who enhance our ability to handle the procurement and delivery of LTL’s in a timely manner, allowing receivers to buy only what they need that week, and reducing inventory costs and product shrink.