WA Apple Harvest Update – 8.14.19

Early estimates for the 2019-20 Washington apple crop are coming in showing a large increase in volume and most growers are anticipating excellent quality and size profile. As of early August we are expecting an overall crop size of 138 million boxes which would be just under a 20 percent increase from the 2018-19 crop. Many growers and shippers are expecting to peak in the 80/88/100 size profile (depending on variety) or about one to two sizes larger than the previous season. This size profile will provide an abundance of retail opportunities throughout the season for both scheduled ads and spot market buying. Our institutional foodservice programs that require smaller sizing will continue to proceed smoothly as the increase in total volume will offset the larger size profile this season. Due to the excellent weather and a lack of any significant hail many growers are anticipating the fruit to pack out very clean and heavy to WAXF grades

We have started harvesting, packing and shipping some of the early new crop Gala varieties as of this week. Gala’s are expected to make up nearly a quarter of the total crop size this season slighting edging out Red Delicious by a few million boxes. Fuji, Granny Smith and Honeycrisp will be the next closest in volume this season at around 12-13 percent. Growers will be continuously harvesting until late October / early November when they finish up with the Pink Lady variety.

Driven by retail and consumer demand organic apple volume continues to increase year over year with early estimates now showing nearly 20 million boxes will be packed this season. Shippers are eager to setup both tray pack and bag programs to keep inventory turning quickly.

After only shipping out limited samples last season the highly anticipated Cosmic Crisp variety should see significant volume this year. A cross between an Enterprise and a Honeycrisp gives this new apple a uniquely sweet but tart taste profile that is excellent for eating year round. Open market shipments are anticipated to begin December 1st.  Cosmic Crisp will see exponential increases in volume in the immediate seasons to follow.


Harvest Schedule


WA/OR Pear Update – Published 7.25.1

2019-20 crop is looking very good and should pack out with good quality due to lack of any significant adverse weather conditions this growing season. We are expecting to see a large crop out of the NW this year on pears with better availability on smaller sizing compared to 2018/19 crop.

The 2018/19 crop was up on Bartlett, D’Anjou and Bosc varieties compared to the previous year but remained in line with the 5 year average. Quality was very good overall and packed out heavier to US#1 grades. Sizing peaked on Large sizing (60-90ct) creating more opportunities for retailers. Small/low grade sizing on institutional packs were very limited for the better part of the year due mostly to newer pruning practices and sizing smaller than 120 ct cleaned up much earlier this season as a result of lack of supplies and consistently strong demand. As a result, pricing on small sizes held up stronger vs. previous years average(s) We are looking at the crop to harvest in-line with previous seasons (give or take a few days) and varying somewhat by growing district.

Starkrimson and Bartlett pears will be the first red and green pear varieties to harvest (3rd and 4th weeks in Aug respectively). Bartlett pear availability should last up to the first week or two of Feb 2020. D’Anjou pears will harvest near the 1st week in Sept. with shippable quantities available around the 2nd week of Sept. We will likely have D’Anjou availability for approx 12 months until new crop 2020/21 harvest.

Pacificpro services retailers, wholesalers and foodservice distributors and focus most heavily on US#1 60-90ct for retail and heavier to 120-150ct for our Foodservice and Wholesale partners.

We ship all varieties of pears including Bosc, Green Pears (Bartlett, Packham and D’Anjou) Red pears (Starkrimson, Red D’Anjou) and specialty pear varieties (Comice, Forelle, Seckel, Asian pears) out of all growing districts in the Northwest (OR and WA)

Organics make up approx 6% of overall pear production in the NW, however more and more growers are converting their crop to Organic to meet consumer demand. Occasionally we may find Organic pricing in line with Conventional pricing so flexible buyers should be on the lookout for opportunities.

Pacificpro is heavily focused on servicing Domestic receivers however we do also work with several importers in markets such as India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. D’Anjou and Bosc pears being the primarily heavy export varieties.

Nearly all the volume Pacificpro ships in Green and Bosc pears ship in tissue wrap, full carton bushel packs for both Fancy and US#1 grades. Red pears typically ship in ½ carton (20#) for US#1 packs and full carton bushels for lower grades (Fancy and 3rd grade/unclassified).

WA/OR Potatoes & Onions – Published 7/24/19
Russet Potatoes – Storage Russets are tight as most growers are cleaned up and will start new crop next week, approximately July 29th weather permitting. Later cold weather this season delayed the planting and harvest a couple weeks.
Colored Potatoes – Anticipating a July 22nd start date on Red Potatoes and Yukon Gold’s, and will finish in mid to late November. Should have availability in all sizing and packs by middle of next week, weather permitting.
Yellow Onions – We anticipate the start of the new season around the end of July with typical limited volumes to start off due to pent up demand. Growing conditions have been good. Cold weather and snow into February delayed plantings this season. In addition, a cooler summer has delayed growth.  We should see volume increase in August with strong volumes in October. Availability of California and NM crop have been extremely limited due to weather and quality conditions.
Sweet Onions – Volume is winding down as we approach the end of the season. We see pricing trending upwards.
Red Onions – We find a decent supply of Reds out of California. The NW Season will start around the beginning of August with good supply by the end of the month.
White Onions – Not a lot of field information yet on whites, but harvest is expected to start in August and quality projected to be good.
Please let me know if you have any questions or would like any additional information or updates in the interim.