After decades in the produce industry and shipping to every state in the continental United States and Canada, Pacificpro has developed long-standing, extensive relationships with multiple owner operators, asset-based trucking companies and truck brokers. This gives us the unrivaled ability to rapidly procure trucks to every region of the United States. With the utilization of our cross dock facility, we can leverage our consolidation capabilities to attract experienced, reliable carriers at competitive rates with all of the benefits passed along to our customers.

*Our cross-dock facility allows us to consolidate picks for less than pallet quantity items, such as organics, specialty apple/pear varieties, or seasonal produce items.

*Leveraging our buying power and inspections services, we can procure high-quality produce and select the strongest lots to ensure less shrink for our buyers, better value, and stronger lots.

*Utilizing our cross dock services, long haul drivers do not have to burn precious driving hours in loading, saving as much as an entire day of driving to deliver produce to the end consumer faster.

*Reduced picks allows for fewer over the road miles, resulting in lower freight rates for customers.

*All product inspected at loading and before shipping, palletized, restacked, and professionally loaded for more convenient unloading upon receipt.

*Daily truck updates with locations so our customers know where their trucks are, progress, and any changes in delivery timetables.