Our fresh produce customers expect and deserve the best quality and longest shelf life possible. Located in the heart of the Washington State produce region gives us the unique opportunity of pre-inspecting all produce shipments before they depart to insure the best quality available on arrival. Pacificpro partners continue to recognize this is invaluable service, ensuring quality arrivals, reducing shrink and an unrivaled value-added service.

Our team members and partners in Central California, Nogales, AZ and McAllen, TX allow us to pre-inspect and confirm quality out of all those regions as well. This ensures quality arrivals, great returns and a happy customers!

The Washington State items are inspected once at the packers warehouse and a second time after being consolidated to our facility, prior to loading on the long haul truck.

Our in-house inspectors look at:

• Overall Condition – Color, Skin Condition, Russeting, Size and Grade
• Pressures
• Freshness, Pack Dates, Shelf-life
• Pictures provided to the customer upon request
• Brix provided to the customer upon request