Pacificpro leverages it’s buying power and passes the advantage along to you on your LTL produce orders with a vast network of suppliers and transportation companies designed to provide all of our receivers with expedited transit times at competitive pricing.

*Through our relationships with reputable owner operators & truck brokers, Pacificpro is able to deliver any configuration of 3+ pallet orders (LTL) to receivers nation-wide

* Creating Full Truck Loads (FTL) out of Less Than Load (LTL) volume orders – allows receivers the same access to product at competitive pricing as any straight load customer.

*The ability to ship LTL’s multiple times a week helps our customers manage inventory on a First in First out (FiFo) basis.

*Owning and operating our own consolidation facility in Yakima, WA allows us to load each truck in the correct drop order reducing confusion and delays upon delivery.

*Providing proactive, daily truck updates to ensure transparency and attentiveness.

*After hours staff available 24/7 to answer and address any needs.

*In-state transfers/consolidations to reduce truck picks, wait times and ultimately ease the loading process

*Temperature recorders on all refrigerated loads